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Penny Love
by Diane S.

I found a shining penny
Walking down the street today,
Dropped, forgotten, and left behind,
Not worth much anyway.

Not worth enough to ponder?
Not even worth the time,
To stop, lean down, and pick it up?
What if it were a dime?

All things will have an ending.
All things will fade and die.
And youth, so bravely spending
Will beg a penny by and by.

A penny for my thoughts,
A penny for my love,
A penny found and treasured
Is a lucky penny from above.
"He who find money, finds much; he who finds friends, finds much more; he who finds love, finds everything."
- unknown

So when you find a shining penny
While walking down the road,
Stop, lean down and pick it up
For all my love bestowed.

Although I am not with you,
I think of you every day
And love you even more than that,
More love than words can say.

Every time you find a penny
Put it in a special jar
And know that as the pennies grow
So does my love from afar.
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